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Stadium Idea

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Con's recent announcement indicates the chance of a content upgrade for the stadium.



A stadium is a place where a competitive event could be held, like the Z-athalon.


Players could compete for being the best at PvE, and also have their fair share of individual rewards to keep them motivated.




Here's the idea:


Simply, on a global timer, a series of completely random building layouts, just like in regular missions, are generated (with Con and team's amazing algorithm coding ability). Players will compete to see who can scavenge the most containers from as many buildings as possible within the time limit. But, after one area's exit zone is reached (and you hit the 'leave' button), you immediately spawn in the next building and the time remaining will carry over. (there could perhaps be a brief intermission period to reselect/reequip survivors for the next building), or a small cooldown to mentally prepare. Zombies will be coming from all directions, traps are abound, and time is limited.


Should you prove awesome enough, there is a leaderboard for the best PvE players who scavenge the most containers within the time limit for each set of buildings. And fuel prizes would be awarded.


The building layouts would be specific to certain level groups. For example, survivors in the range of levels 21-25 would get the same sets of buildings, but survivors in another group (levels 41-45) would have completely different sets of building layouts. The levels of zombie hordes would be apportioned adequately.


Survivor weapons/gear would be in a predetermined pool as programmed by Con, and would have to be strategically chosen from that pool for the event. Everyone within the same level group is given the exact same pool of items to choose from, so all players share the same limitation/handicap. This makes it fair for everyone. But, players are free to assign their own survivors in whatever amount that they wish.


But it's not so easy; the buildings will have traps (explosives and wire traps), spikes/barbed-wire, and it will be a fairly long journey with a series of continuous buildings, so a mix of survivor classes may prove useful, although it is completely up to the player. If a survivor is downed, they are downed for the entire event. No injuries will be sustained, and there must be at least one survivor in the exit zone when the timer expires in order for the containers to count.



The buildings would be similar to PvE missions, but with some twists: structures, containers, zombie spawn points, traps (and their respective locations) would be randomized (within reasonable dimensions as programmed by Con) and all other PvE aspects would be randomized.



In choosing one's weapons, gear, and survivors, there could be some known information about the event's specifics. First, the player could be given the information on the chance of the size of the generated buildings, (small, medium, large), trap abundance (low, medium, high), and 'zombie aggressiveness factor' that's calculated based on the probability of the # number of zombies spawned, # of runners, including the number of rushes and tougher zombies like fatties/military/police being generated. The only non-specific element for each player would be the type of zombie that spawns; the types of zombies that spawn would be fairly random, but tweaked if necessary. Rushes would be a predetermined number. For example, 3 rushes could happen to every player, and their timings throughout the event would be randomized, but they would all happen within the time limit. This all adds to the strategy/skill component, while maintaining competitive fairness.




Obviously, the number of containers and buildings would be more than what is humanly possible to clear. Each 'set' of buildings would be in the exact same order for every player.


To help prevent cheating with alts or exchanging information about some of the maps beforehand, there would be, say, 5 sets of random maps for each level group, and the player is limited to do 2 sets. When doing the stadium event, one of these sets is randomly generated. This way, pre-preparation with equipment/survivors would be a guess. This makes it fairer for all players.




The rewards:


XP/loot gained would be kept, and drop-rates established accordingly. Individual rewards could be gained as well, much like in alliance wars.


Fuel would be awarded for the person(s) who search the most containers in each respective set.



- This would enhance gameplay and PvE competitiveness for both raiders and non-raiders alike.

- It may also help transition people into raiding because of the raid-like elements such as traps, new environments, quick thinking/strategy/movement within the time limit.

- The rewards are fair and decent for everyone, no excessive loot or XP

- People like competition, showing off, and being the best, and the leaderboard would reflect those human desires

- It's fun either way, you get loot and XP, no raiding risk, and individual rewards

- The content would not get old or die out because of the numerous combinations of possible events.

- Everyone who plays this game can do the PvE portion, so this leaves nobody out.


- Easy enough for Con to program since its mostly just a copy+paste of the already-existing PvE framework.



Please post and/or upvote/downvote to show your voice/support/lack of support/criticism as Con could possibly implement something similar to this, and he'd have a better understanding of what people like based on player feedback.



Alternative ideas/criticism are always welcome. If anything is unclear, please say so.

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The only problem i see with this is the fact that most people DONT have a Inv upgrade.

Because of that, it could overfill the inventories. Aside from that, great idea!

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The only problem i see with this is the fact that most people DONT have a Inv upgrade.

Because of that, it could overfill the inventories. Aside from that, great idea!


Thanks! I tried to see the potential drawbacks. I'm sure players would be capable of managing their inventories.

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