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Infected Bounty Harassment.

Infected Bounty

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Arsenic Essence

Arsenic Essence
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      My ID: fb100002305208015.


       I can't complate bounty quest last 5-6 times... Maybe more then this...As I enter 4-6 times to battle. for just 1 part of quest. Forexample... I need to kill 5 herc infected zombie. I enter to hospital battle.... and stay all limit munites. But I kill maybe 1 or 2 zombie. Or I need to kill 45 walker infected zombie.... I enter 4-5 times andI just can killed 40 zombie. So... my team turn back times is already 3-4 hours. Quest time is 24 hours.  ... .... ... ? .. .. I tried do 3 team from my 10 soilders.... and complate quest. .... But... I lose again.  Btw... I lose "Infected bounty" 5-6 times just 1 zombie. Forexample I need to kill 1 herc zombie but i can't and time is done and I losed. This event very annoy -.-'


     Another thing... I can't loot rare, epic or higher quality items. Certainly orange or uniq items lootable are some low. but I'm trying to say this.... Forexample I enter a street or police station or gun store. I was need weapons and guns. So... I check all~~~~ boxes... But I can loot grey (most poor quality items) or 8 level recipe or 8 level gun items. But I loot these items from 34 level places and areas. This event very annoy too ._.' Btw... Last days.... my new AREA "Pinedale" been available for enter. I enter first time to a street  battle for loot gun. I found very uniqe item. But game is frozen and its said to me "Server can't connected"... O.o!   -.-'


     It's ok... all games are has got some of bugs or interesting events. But I hope it will not be at the future. : / 

     Now.... My account has got a stuck or bug or another wierd things? ... or everything is norma? ... ._.?

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Without dmu, bounties are sometimes impossible.

You can use some temp UCS to help you.


Oh.. and always take a gun or, even better, a chaisaw.. that attract infected, so you can stay in the green zone.


About stuff... it's normal if you find more grey items than unique.

Join an alliance, use oh shiny or looter books. That may help you. 


About the uni you lost, if your connection isn't safe enough, leave the missions as soon as you find unique.

Even if you are trying to complete the bounty. Leave the area and save your item.


I do this when i see i loot a very nice unique, but when it's not a LR or a bando, i usually stay in the mission.

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Arsenic Essence

Arsenic Essence
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Answer vert fast. 

Thank you very much really 314R.



    But sory... what is Dmu and temp UCS? Do you mean books? I used it too. Or I used wrong books. could you tell me more detail about quest?

    I understood another advices. Thanks again so~~~~ much . I'll try these.

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The UCS is the 'Union City Shortcuts' shortcut book available in the store for 1600 fuel. It cuts all of the mission return times by 1/2 half.


Uniques are very difficult to get. It takes a LOT of luck to get one.


DMU is the 'Deathmobile Upgrade', the $30 payment to upgrade the Deathmobile.



I have lost a unique during a mission. It has happened to many people. Sorry, but there is nothing that can be done about it.

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