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Construction Menu Upgrade/repair Option

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First off for those who know me, did you miss me? eh by my popularity probably not lol!


anyways i just thought of an idea for beginners and player who have yet to max out everything.

so you got food storage,water storage, barricades, fences, drop offs, traps, etc etc.


here's the issue; when you have a bagillion things across your map trying to organise them is pretty iffy.

my suggestion is an update to the Construction button a very simple little thing called "upgrade" and it effects

buildings that have yet to be upgraded. 


selecting a type of building currently gives you two options:

Build now-fuel

Build- using respective parts.


why not have a two more options


upgrade- using respective parts.

repair-using respective parts


it will allow players to have a more organised selection screen for upgrading and repairing specific buildings as opposed to hovering over them around your compound. making it more convenient for players and easier to understand!


Simples. :)



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Hi there. I just joined the forums a few weeks ago, so I don't think we've met. Although you've made quite a first impression on me with this idea.


I'll take your idea one step further and say there should be a sort of 'central control' menu, where options that control every part of your compound could be managed quickly and easily from one basic menu. Modifications to the existing 'build' menu could be made to add in all of these elements.


- Makes the game feel more polished

- Helps track of everything in the compound

- Great for new players; user-friendly, simple

- Not too complicated or time-consuming for Con to program


There could be more tooltips for hovering over the structures in the menu which show the time remaining on the structures. There could also be a 'show all progress' or 'show all attributes' button on the menu to quickly display the status of every building. This may sound a hard to grasp, so I'll perhaps post a visual example at some point.




Other related elements:


- Cover (low medium high) that the current structure provides is missing from compound information




Thoughts on this?

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