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Improve Ib Rewards; Remove Certain Bounty Box Items

Infected Bounty Bounty Box Rewards Junk New players Con

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There are some bounty box items which are basically worthless junk.


When non-DMU players commit to a bounty that takes an average of 12-14 hours to complete even with the UCS -50% book, getting junk items is needlessly frustrating and may kill the motivation to complete the bounties, thus, killing motivation to play the game.


The bounties themselves already can be frustrating and challenging because of the volatility in spawn rates and the time investment required; so the rewards should be more worthwhile.



Let me some it up this way, I can finish some bounties in three missions, where others take six hours of continuous play. I have DMU, and I can raid almost every single building in an area and barely finish the bounty.  It's kind of ridiculous sometimes, but spawn rates need to be fixed for some zombies.  It's okay as is, but I would like to see some normal spawn rates for some zombies, and some slightly better rewards for PvE players (as the bounty box is barely even worthwhile with the new PvP box.




- Antiseptic

- Anti-inflammatory tablets

- Pain killers

- Burn dressing

- Purple quality items


These particular medical items are useless since they are overabundant from general scavenging, and seldom require use in treating injuries. Personally, I've never gotten a good purple quality item from any box.



Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing the odd Winter Cache key from a box, just like the HERC keys. Newbies in chat asking about where to obtain keys and being told they have to be bought with 80-100 fuel doesn't sound too pleasant, and can instantly give the impression of pay-to-win, causing them to quit early. A chance for a key to be won every once in a while seems reasonable.





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bob sagad

bob sagad
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Okay the bounty is an optional thing its while you loot it was better than before so no bigy

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Any chance we can tone down the crafting bounty rewards... I mean seriously I have completed last 2 weeks bounties and 9/10 are all crafting upgrades... a balance of 1 weapon/gear purple or better, 1 box of fuel 20 or better and 2 randoms would be so appreciated... but to bust our butts to get 4 crafting upgrades... c'mon... thanks again Con .... Please balance these rewards too many medical was tough but all crafting with no fuel to craft them with is ... uh ridiculous.. thanks ... still love the game

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I see it as a free gift that you 'can' get 100 fuel or even better a key

But i agree i've got way too many bounties that are filled with kits, meds, nades and purp crap

And on a rare occasion i get a rare and guess what a manning great 2 ic ! should have given me plain ic instead


I'm not saying that it should be only keys, bounty masks and rare/uniq tokens


But add more things to the box like resource boxes (the ammo boxes are related) for instance a wood or cloth filling box with a limit to 1500 wood so that you dont have to fill like 3 slots to trade someone 1500 wood which nobody does, due that there is fuel cost related and the profit you get from your trade is rarely worth considering


In short make it more worthwhile to do a box.


Oh and Con if you read this could you explain that sometimes the walker, riots etc are so damned rare i have dmu so i can play dozens of missions so i dont really care but for non-dmu players this could be a huge obstacle in completing the bounties, and i've heard and seen reports on that people have to do insane amount of rare infected, i.e. 30 millitary or 20 scientists

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