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Tiered/split Ib Rewards

Bounty box Rewards Con

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Instead of making IB an all-or-nothing proposition, split the bounty zones into their own separate reward.


For example, completing a bounty in one area would give a Lvl-1 box

Two areas, one Lvl-1 box and one Lv-2 box

Three areas, one Lv-1 box, one Lv-2 box, and one Lv-3 box.


The boxes, just like PvP boxes, would be tweaked/balanced.


The rewards improve the more you play, so it's motivating. But it doesn't take away from people who try to complete the bounty and fail and get nothing. Shouldn't they be given at least something for their efforts? Some people don't have time to play that much either, so at least they can choose to complete just one bounty zone to get some reward.


Why needlessly frustrate players who try to finish a bounty, especially new ones who haven't bought the DMU yet, by having them commit to completing the whole bounty in all 3 zones just to get the reward, especially with the issues of volatile spawns and long return times?  --It can kill the motivation of the player.--



If the reward system is tiered with PvP boxes, why not IB boxes?





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War rewards were implemented to try and increase raiding participation.


Infected Bounties were not.


Infected Bounties already offer "free" stuff as when undertaking them, you play missions and receive loot along with the chance of rare/unique items. Whilst it will not happen every time, it is possible to collect these by playing the game as you would normally.


Both of those are optional parts to the game, if someone doesn't have time to play, they can choose to not participate in them.


It sounds like you are trying something impossible, making the game everything to everyone. Not everyone will get the same out of the game, just as not everyone will be able to put the same in (whether that is time or money).

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after looking into it a bit, most people seem displeased by the items they got when they did manage to complete the bounty. It would be one thing if you could get a small chance to get keys or fuel, but to put that much effort in to get only crap items, on top of making it super hard to complete, like Noob pointed out, it will drive people away from attempting bounties and playing the game all together, regardless of the amount of time they have to put into the game.


You are commenting on something from January this year. Since then, the rewards from bounty boxes have been improved (approx September this year) http://forum.conarti...7-great-button/


With the new rewards, players shouldn't expect to be guaranteed a success in 2-3 missions in each area.

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