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Infected Bounty - Higher Levels Feedback

Infected Bounty High level Feedback

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Totally understand if you don't have time for the game though, the time commitment does increase as you get to higher levels.

Well, my personal feedback here: I was 20 and few when IB released, and it was indeed impossible for me without UCSC 50%. After buying, I cleared almost every Bounty. Now that I'm 50, I really see no trouble on dealing with 6~10 Missions in all three areas, and it made me wonder of what I quoted.
Though I leveled with unstable changes of spawning zombies, at high levels they are pretty balanced. Still want to see specific kind of zombie spawning with more frequency on its own specific building, it would be nice.

A thing that I think would be useful is a 48h clock after the Infected Bounty is finished, so it would help for not looting big buildings right before IB starts. Or better the option of start the bounty. Sometimes when I have time to play one time I don't because it will trigger the IB.

And as War Boxes have their own grade, why not IBoxes not too? I mean, having a "easy" Box with lesser/worse items and a "better" Box option too, implying in the time to complete. Better items, more commitment. Even maybe 4 areas. And why not a War-IBox with some War Items for when a PvP player decide to farm a little don't loose the focus.

Keep with these nice features (:

Anyway, back with the quote, when you said about higher levels you meant PvP, or PvE? I feel more free in higher levels when PvEing.
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