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Storage Downgrade, No Lvl Up Points

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I have 2 problems.


I'm level 17, and just got my 9th survivor- I had upgraded and filled my food and water storage to 10 days, and next thing I notice, the max capacity is now only 9 days. I'm not using any books so why did my storage suddenly shrink?


-I also just noticed my food storage is now full at 8.5 days..... what's going on?


ALSO- I just leveled up to level 18, and there is no notification to chose my point stats upon my new level.


Any help is appreciated.

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Mouse over the food/water bars.


Your storage capacity is not days, but units of food.


Food consumption (with no altercations from books/boosts) is 8 food per day, per survivor.


10 days of food with 8 survivors means you had:


10 days * 8 survivors * 8 food = 640 food


When you added the 9th survivor you still had 640 food, however now it's being divided among 9 survivors.


640 food / 8 food per day / 9 survivors = 8.88 days (rounded to 9)

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