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Infected Bounty Kills Does Not Count

infected bounty kill count police kills expire suddenly

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Thread started: 9:00 AM,February 10, 2015, Manila, Philippines (GMT +8)


Note: Sorry I forgot to get a Screen Shot of this problem


Topic: The Infected Kills that Should be Counted did not Count and the Bounty suddenly expired


        This happened in Northwood East of TLS:DZ


        I run an Infected Bounty and finished 95% of the Infected Kills required. I only need to kill one Infected Police and one Infected Scientist to complete the game. I thought that I finally could finish the mentioned Bounty but suddenly the Bounty expired even though it is still effective for 16 hours and 50 minutes. I reconnected after two hours it showed 14 hours and a few more minutes. In short, it returned to normal so I continued killing the required Infected Kills.


      I thought I could finally finish the bounty because I killed three more Infected Police (the one with Blue Uniform and Police Helmet) and I'm about to kill the remaining Infected Scientists because I thought I still have more time, but I noticed that those kills were not included in the Infected Kills Count shown at the right side of the game screen (together with the pending tasks).


     After that, the Bounty expired and I can no longer finish the Bounty.

    Actually this is the second time that this happened.

    Please fix this.

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