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Raid Defence

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i just got an bounty of 50 fuel on my head, and already 12 ppl attacked me only the last one could kill my leader, but it is kinda stupid that they can go and attack me for 30 more day's. this makes no sense. why just not when u killed the leader u get the bounty -18% from bounty office. and then remove me from the bounty list, this could make the list better cus when i want to kill someone for he bounty they are or uder protection or already being attacked. i suggest: when the leader is down u should be taken of the list.


and the second thing is: the messages i got from those attacks on me where a bit confusing. can't them make them more detailed or make a replay or something (someone already suggested it but i wanna point it out to)


and as third: there should be a place where i can find those defence/attack messages back, i logged in on a less better quality PC and just when i got the first messages it crashed. so now i don't know who attacked me so i can retailliate.



this is still a raw idea. so pls improve it

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