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Camo Book,please Con! Fix Problems

camo book zombie raids crashes endeless loading

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This is a plea for a Camo book! Devs please give us the way to get rid of zombie raids that cause so many problems.


When the zombie raid is imminent or already there but not showing yet (wich happens a lot) these problems happen :


-in raiding they often cause equipping bugs (endless loading on equipping survivors)..but are not the sole cause..this problem needs to be adressed regardless of zombie raids

-endless loading screen (days and events) of manual missions

-lag and disconnects during manual missions

-disconnects when loading back the compound after the manual mission


If i would have that damned book to get rid of damned zombie raids my refreshes would come down by at least 70%. It is no problem for you to do it. Timed version of the book was already in game. I will gladly sacrifice a slot to have more stable gameplay.

Almost every time game hangs on something or disconnects and you refresh you see that lovely "infected sighted" window to greet you.

Can you please do it ?!?!

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Between the time i wrote this and now writing again there have been dozens of such cases happening. Just now i had one refreshed after crash just to see the "infected sighted" box.

I am asking here for the support of players on the forum. In game this has been widely discussed and the fact is obvious..zombie raids are a big issue for stability.

Can we please have the book ?

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