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Infected Bounty Box Fuel Award Not Credited

Infected Bounty

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I finished by most recent infected bounty a few hours ago.  The Infected Bounty Box was added to my inventory and the Bounty Office icon showed ready for collection.  I then left.  My game idled and it eventually timed out.  I came back a few hours later and clicked the "are you still there" button.  The game reloaded with the Bounty Office icon still showing ready for collection.  I had 700 fuel.  I selected the Bounty Office and clicked open box.  I got two pieces of clothing and two fuel awards; 50 and 10.  I click the "great" button and the window closed.  My fuel total was unchanged at 700.  I did not get the fuel award.


I refreshed my browser and the fuel total remained unchanged.


Win7 64-bit, Firefox 36.0, Flash, Armor Games, TLS:DZ Ver 1.45 build2820

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Same pblm, before open the bounty box i was 887 fuel, 

I open the bounty box i find 50 fuel  and 30 fuel ! and my total fuel stay at 887 fuel

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