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Ideas For The Pve

PvE AI PvP clothing medic active gear missions

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I have a total of 5 ideas that i'm going to list and try to explain the best i can.

1.- AI during PvE missions: Random events during played missions when you can encounter one of the following;

-survivors: random survivor encounter, these suvivors are friendly and help you kill some zeds (they carry melee or guns, from bad to good quality), they can die but if they survive you will get a positive morale + for your guys. They can also help you scavenge some containers (you can't control them but the drop pops up like when you manually scavenge a container).

-Bandits/military deserters: random enemies during played missions, they will try to kill you, using melee or guns, bandits are fast and deal great damage with melee weapons (blade), military are strong and carry assault rifles, shotguns, pistols and even long rifles.

I was thinking about a special area that you can ''raid'' with a good amount of weapon containers and food, like a military outpost, so this place can be the hideout of these deserters or ex-military, (instead of spanwing in normal areas), well trained with random equipment.

These come with the idea of making the containers and cars available for cover.

These ideas would bring more challenge to the PvE, having to deal with zombies and also the chance of encoutering bandits, in my opinion.


2.- Toxic gas/smoke during missions: Random events when you can get fog/gas during missions, that will cause damage to your survivors unless you equip them with face protective clothings like face bandanas, bandit masks and even gas masks.

I was thinking about random toxic waste trucks in streets and parks which content  will cover an area making it difficult to go through it without protection

3.- Fuel barrels: barrels, tanks, containers, that can be shot to cause an explosion, helpful against the infected and against the AI if implementded.


4.- Energy drinks and energy bars: limited to 1 per mission/raid, sort of ''active gear'' that you can craft and use to restore 30-50% hp of the target survivor, sometimes your melee guy gets a lot of damage and you just need a little boost to make it through the mission.

5.- Sound grenade (?), lure, decoy: throwable and deployable crafted devices that will attract the infected to the spot they were thrown or deployed, the sound one will last around a minute (maybe, not sure about times) craftable using junk, the lure will require food to be made and will attract infected for a period of time aswell, the decoy will have certain amount of hp, and will be primarily target by the infected until it is destroyed by them, it will make sound aswell and have movement (not necessary tho).


Well, these are some of my ideas, i'm sure they will never be implemented but i had to post them anyway, who knows, maybe one day, maybe not, trade system was down and i had too much time, :P ...


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I had the same idea about the survivors in pve , that's why I got here by searching first to see if it is mentioned before so I hope some of those ideas get implemented. But my guess it's gonna be in the long future. All ideas are great though.

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