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Hey I Was Just Looking At A Thread

forum thread power

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bob sagad

bob sagad
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There was a thread i was looking at

It was like 5 minutes old very unpopular

Im not mentioning the name but

it was deleted from the forums. Do the devs have the power to completly delete a thread

WHy did you delete it instead of shutting it down?

Im jsut 100 percent curious, i dont mind it being deleted.

I just want a dev to comment on this plz nobody else, also lock this topic afterwards

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yes... whole threads have been deleted before.. I know this cause ive had a few of mine deleted. not gonna go into the content of said threads as my words in them are kinda hazy in my memory at this point.. but yes, if its something that especially irks the devs, they will delete it.

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These forums are not a public space, freedom of speech does not exist here.


They definitely have the power to censor/delete anything you say, and they're 100% within their rights to do so.


It's no different than if you went into a McDonalds and started screaming obscenities and/or bad-mouthing the establishment -- they'd be totally within their rights to throw you out of the building.

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The Conspiracy Guy

The Conspiracy Guy
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I seen people's talk got deleted, there was a conspiracist that got completely deleted from existance. refer to my thread at the 1st page.

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