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Ideas For The Game

Keycards Daily challanges infected bounties Ideas for the game more levels and bigger map survivors one time missions

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Hello everyone,

i have a few ideas for the last stand: dead zone


1: (keycards) in this game there are supply boxes and supply keys supply boxes are found anywhere in the map but why can't keys be found? keys can only be bought in the store for a lot of fuel. so if you buy a key for 100 fuel you can recive only 10 fuel. so make that keys could be found in the map but only lvl-1 lvl-2 and lvl-3 HERC keycards


2: (Daily challanges) in this game you can only get fuel in the city, buy it or survivors requests, make some kind of daily challanges so you get fuel equal to the dificulty of the challange. for example - go to Riverside with only your leader equipped a lvl 3 weapon and kill 30 zombies.


3: (infected bounties) when you get infected bounties you get 3 missions in 3 different areas. when you complete them or fail them your bounty will onlly restart in 48 H. when your bounty starts. why dont you make if you fail them it only restarts in 48 H. and if you complete them they will restart in 24 H.


4: (one time missions) so there are missions in this game to kill infected or to explore something but make some kind of missions that unlocks the black parts of the map and you only get one time access to that place. the missions would be super hard but you could get something that is extreamly hard to get, make or find (mission reward or one loot)


5: (more levels and bigger map) in here you can only level up to level 50 make this map bigger and more levels so that people get levels atleast to 60.


6: (survivors) in this game you can have 10 survivors make that you could get 12 or more survivors but it would be very hard.


these are my ideas to make the game a bit better.

i hope you read this Con and you use at least one of my ideas (sorry for bad grammar)



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