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Just made a big update to my original post.


I should be able to add a large amount of premium boxes to the odds very soon...


Edit: And thanks to everyone for helping :)

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another 3 herc opened oh shiny 10% x2 and 75 fuel x1 its the blue upgrade token boxes btw


Edit:I opened 3 premium box last round and got 200 fuel 200 fuel 300 fuel ammo boost,fuel boost,crafting boost

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Another big update:


- Doubled the amount of herc boxes from +-400 to +-850

- No new odds for premium boxes unfortunately, the list with the odds got lost...

- Some more odds for war boxes

- Added a new section for the odds on crafting bonuses.

It's pretty interesting to see, the current odds (with a fairly small sample size) show a chance of +- 2.5% for getting a perfect +25% craft. This means 1 craft out of 40 crafts will get you a perfect craft. A perfect sword will then take 1600 crafts on average.


So to make something as beautiful as:



it would cost - with 80% cost reduction - 11 fuel for the basic craft + 6 fuel for crafting 3 green attack kits into a blue attack kit + 3x2=6 fuel to craft 3x3 incomplete kits into 3x1 green kits. So with a crafting cost of 23 fuel/craft, a perfect craft would take 36.8k fuel !!! A bit less if you already got some green kits and hopefully the current odds I have, are worse than the actual odds...


Edit: And special thanks to Lancey, he's been a massive help.

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Final update for this topic, since I'm leaving:

- added more herc boxes, total is over 1000 herc boxes now

- minor addition to premium boxes with upgrade tokens

- addition to war boxes

- new island haul data

- minor addition to crafting data


Bye everyone, I've had loads of fun during the past 2 years :)

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