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Compound Attack Problems

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What exactly is the logic behind the timing of the Compound Attacks?


Playing one of my alts this morning, I knew I was due for an attack.


I play one three-man mission, knowing that almost without fail a Zed attack will wait for you to have less than 10 survivors home before appearing.


Finish the mission - no attack.  I'm thinking, 'Sweet, maybe I've got a few hours yet - proceed!' Manually recycle all of the loot. Play a second mission, no prob. Launch the third - and the game freezes.




Launch the third mission (again) - get to enjoy the recent history of Union City for about ohhh, 10 minutes - refresh (again). Infected Sighted!  Three people home.


I know how to kite. I know how to maneuver my people. That' not the issue.


The issue is the host of problems that crop up whenever there is an impending Infected Attack, and the damn near malevolent way in which they seem to wait until there are less than an ideal number of people present.


If you know you're due for an attack, you can just wait around - though in my experience it can take upwards of half an hour of waiting for that to happen. Usually I just play one two or three-man mission, and deal with them with the 6 or 7 people left.


The point being, I'd like to hear something from one of the Devs regarding this issue - maybe change the way the attack 'pops', to insure it happens quickly, negating some of the problems associated with it? If you're due for one (ie. it's been 19 hours since you played last) it should just happen, and be done with. No need to refresh, no getting stuck on 'Preparing for Deployment.'


I hope this gets some attention from the right people, thank you to those who read and comment.



edit: as I angrily typed this post, I had assigned my three people to an exposed rally flag, and let the attack happen - I listened to them die as I typed, and a quick check mid-post showed the 'All Survivors Downed' box.


I finish the (first) post, check back - to a black screen with a ghostly, greyed-out box in the middle that look like an incompletely loaded 'Are You Still There?' box.


REFRESH (AGAIN) - three missions out, the two I had already played, and the famous (or Infamous) Mission - ?


The Mission - ? has three Survivors on it, all injured. The same three the zeds had already murdered. And guess what pops up?


Infected Mother-fornicating Sighted!

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I made a topic about this very same issue and for the very same reason you have. I'm not even that good at kiting so whenever I have less than 7 guys home, it's hard. Luckily I have DMU now and at the moment don't raid so I always have all my guys gome whenever I need them to. But the lag is insane and it drives me crazy, same as you. Hopefully this is a thing that the developers can address :)


Here's the link to my topic about this if you're interested.



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+1 for use of the word 'malevolent' 

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I certainly do hate the lag and stickiness that precedes infected attacks... I really would like to know what causes that and if its possible to eliminate or reduce it....

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