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An Idea... Gosh I Hate Insomia...

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As a semi-active user and a well known chat lurking guy, I have noticed the fall and the coldness in the chat regarding a "function" of this game, I used to like... The Alliance War..


As we know... there are only few alliances that are capable of winning this "function" leaving the other alliances frustrated... for a good reason... they just cannot compete against the big guys... whats the result? users frustrated... accounts not getting attended... community gets smaller and smaller and we all know the consequence both for the community and especially for the devs.


So without further palaver, may I introduce...




JoeKerrs Alliance War Arena - JAWA (patent already submitted and still pending...)




So whats the deal with this idea?


Well if it all works out... The community will again rise which means... more players, especially more active players, which means for the devs, more *beeeeeppp*


But the most significant improvement of this idea: Alliance war will be more exciting and less predictable.


Alright, here we go...


The basic structure of this idea is to have a so called 3 seperate tournaments. The tournaments will be broken into



Level 1 - Elite Level:


The Elite Level is only for Alliances which levels are pending between 45 and 50.


Level 2 - Professional Level:


The Professional Level is only for alliances which levels are pending between 30 - 44.


Level 3 - Amateur Level:

The Amateur Level is only for alliances which levels are pending between 15-29



The Alliance Level will be calculated based on the levels of the members of the alliance divided by the numbers of the members.


Example? JoeKerr has a 5 players alliance. Joekerr has 25, MrX has 20, Riddler has 22, ScottyHotty 38 and MsFits 29


Now you do the math in which level JoeKerr can join...




The Point system will stay the same. I kinda like it :)





Now every level has it own rewarding system :) and this is the black hole for users to create their own alliances, recruit people and be better to compete :)


The alliance own Rewarding system is still the same. the first, I dunno 10 members of the ranked 1, 2 or 3 alliance will get a certain amount of fuel. you know the original rewarding system of this game...


Btw: All figures are just assumptions and examples... devs are allowed and should put whatever they want... its their game... I just cannot sleep... and being an Analyst for a multimillion company, my mind is always working...



Level 1


1st Place: 10.000 Fuel

2nd Place: 5.000 Fuel

3rd Place: 2.500 Fuel


Level 2:


1st Place: 5.000 Fuel

2nd Place: 2.500 Fuel

3rd Place: 1.250 Fuel


Level 3:


1st Place: 1.250 Fuel

2nd Place: 625 Fuel

3rd Place: 300 Fuel




Now some peeps might say... "but the game will be flooded with massive fuel which will bring inflation for buying keys and stuff"... some peeps might say as well... "but the devs will not earn anything anymore because lots of users will be having lots of fuel"...


There will be a requierment to enter this JoeKerrs Alliance War Arena (again, patent already submitted and still pending).


each alliance, depending on the level they want to participate, has to pay a "fee" to enter the Alliance War Arena. I am thinking about like this:


Level 1 Entrance Fee per Alliance: 500 Fuel

Level 2 Entrance Fee per Alliance : 250 Fuel

Level 3 Entrance Fee Per Alliance: 100 Fuel


Now in the Alliance Tab, a new function will be integrated. It calls War Fee.


If an Alliance wishes to join the war, the leader has to tell his/her members to donate to this war fee. If the Alliance gathered the amount of fuel before the Alliance War begins, the alliance automatically qualifies to participate.


easy eh?




Now some Question and Answer:



Q: But Uncle J, how should I know, who is competing in my level and I can attack?

A: Easy Kiddo: click on war targets and you may see the alliance participating in your level that you can attack.



Q: Can I still attack a non participating alliance in my level? you know... for some visiting stuff...


A: Oh well of course :)


Q: What about if my alliance decides not to participate on the war, what can we do?


A: Fulfill the wartasks and be happy :) you might get still raided but i doubt it... because... no point... and plus, maybe if devs implement my idea and I again got an Insomnia attack, I might think of a system for non raiding alliance :) or con pays me... i dunno...




Thank you for reading this idea :)


PS: If you happens to find any error regarding, spelling, grammar and stuff... you may keep them :)


PS2: if any of the devs are actually reading this idea till the end... you might want to think of something regarding trading in the trade channel... its just messy... i do have an idea for it as well...







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What a very long winded way of asking for more Alliances to get fuel rewards.

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Long, and complicated and not in touch with reality.


Simpler solutions were suggested already many times. Expanding the fuel awards to top 5-10 rather than just top 3 would work to bring in more alliances in competition.

But main factor for the "health" of wars is number of players anyway. So maybe even that wouldnt bring in major changes but still worth a try imo.

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What a very long winded way of asking for more Alliances to get fuel rewards.

Its basically not only about fuel rewards

Its also about the prestige of the Alliance that they can be a Winner of a round and not only a certain group of alliances.

I do not see the point why this idea is not intouch with reality...

I see more participation if the feeling can be given to other alliances that they can compete in their own level for the top 3 rather than being on a ranked nr. 7 with no perspective of winning the war round...

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