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Crafting Formula

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 Greetings to all. I have a question to ask and the tag pretty much asks it. Is there a formula (set of crafting books to use) to craft and upgrade and item to make it close to the effects of a uni item? and on a side note would it be possible in the future to be able to upgrade the infamous items players have? Please be gentle with my stupid questions and I know that some of my inputs to this forum system have some of you rolling your eyes. Well what can I say, I'm a simple person with simple questions.Thank you for your time on this topic.

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With the upcoming addition of Crafing Kits it is currently impossible to say definitively if a crafted item can be made equivalent to a unique item until that release happens, however my gut feeling is, even after that release (in most cases) no.


There are no books that will add effects to crafted items.  Currently what you see is what you get -- as far as the type of bonus.   The "chance of random improvement" only affects the magnitude of those bonuses.  The crafting bonus typically runs between 1-25% (with a few exceptions - but never higher), so add 25% to each bonus if you want an idea of what a "max craft" would look like.  There are books that affect this bonus, however they only affect the chance of a bonus, not the actual magnitude itself. 


The two books are:


Gunsmith Monthly (1-9% chance of a crafting bonus).




Quality Crafts (6-19% chance of a crafting bonus AND 16-39% increase in crafting costs).


Now as I said, these books only affect the chance of a crafting boost, so even with a max (19%) Quality Crafts book it's quite possible you'll end up with a 1% crafting bonus -- in fact it's quite likely.




Since even without using either one of these books, the chance of getting a crafting bonus is pretty high, most people do not use the Quality Crafts book -- as it also increases your fuel costs.


The combo most crafters use is:


Gunsmith Monthly

How to Specialize in Resources

Crafting on the Cheap (50% - bought in the store)


The reason most crafters go this route is because with crafting quantity of crafts far more important than the quality of the boost.  As such, most crafters will typically do crafting sessions when they can stack crafting boosts (mostly to cost) from their alliance and/or boxes.


Say it costs 100 fuel to craft an item.  Max reduction in cost is 80% so it costs 20 fuel to craft one.  On the other hand if you use Gunsmith Monthly and a Quality Crafts with 25% increase in fuel (average) to maximize your chance of a crafting boost it will cost you 125 fuel to craft one.


If you have 2000 fuel you can craft 100 of the item minimizing cost versus 16 maximizing the chance of a boost.   You're much more likely to get that max craft with 100 crafts vs 16.

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i know that crafting can not equal a uni but i'm wondering is it possible to come close. this information you have provided is very helpful. 

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i know that crafting can not equal a uni but i'm wondering is it possible to come close. 


Short answer "no".


A crafted item will have the base stats (maybe 10-15%) plus the chance of an additional 25% boost whereas a Uni can achieve 50% boost to stats.


Many of the more recent craftable items have stat boosts in area's that are not very helpful.

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