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Con And Co. Here's The Updated Black Screen Vids For Yall To Check Out.

Tech support Black screen Trouble shooting vids

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Okay so I'm posting these vids again under the correct heading. Sorry about the other. Please delete that one if possible and thanks.



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Hey Jager, thanks for the videos and the invitation to TeamSpeak, I've been meaning to get around to that. Sorry you're having trouble.


There might be a few reasons it's not running great for you. 


The memory that's being used either on your RAM or on your GPU (your video card) is being chewed up. When that happens, you'll get those crashes with the white screen and the exclamation mark. 


The blacked out sections of map looks like it's and issue with the assets failing to load from the server for some reason. My only suggestion there is to clear your cache and refresh, which hopefully will force the game to pull those files down again. 


Few more questions:

1. Have you got any other background programs running? It didn't look like it from your video. 

2. Have you tried playing without chat running?

3. How long does it generally take before you get a crash?



The latest version of Firefox is what we use in the office and it's pretty reliable for us. Agree with you that Chrome is bad news though.


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Well thanks for the prompt response con as it is seriously appreciated. I haven't tried the cache clearing yet but will do so asap. IE works very well for me but I've heard from others that FF works really good too. I'll DL it tonight and give it a whirl. As to your questions:


1. The only other programs I had running when I did the vid was 1, the bandicam to record obviously, and 2 teamspeak. But that's it. Ive played w/o both and a fresh restart several times and made sure to shut off every program running in the task manager i.e. steam, dxtory, bandicam, team speak, ect and from time to time I still crash.


2. Yes I've played w/o both the TS running and the in game chat.


3. As for frequency it's really random. Ive played and raided for an hr or two w/ no issues and other times it will crash every 20-30 mins. or 7-10 missions. What I've found though is that if I simply refresh about every 5-7 played missions which takes about 60 seconds tops I rarely have issues. It's a lot better than a lockout or worse, losing a uni on a zombie mission. THAT sucks! :P


Well you're welcome for the vids and info. Any time I can help I'll do my best. As for the team speak, we look forward to a visit from any of the con artist staffers or yourself. We have some pretty good convos and people in the team speak and its proven to be a valuable tool for noobies like myself to get better at DZ and share game related info.

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