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Alliances Critic Help Dead Zone

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Potatoe Man

Potatoe Man
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Hi, I'm , in the Last Stand, Janocles, and i think that you should make some changes. First, from the begginig, i joined to an alliance because i think that it will be funny, and now i'm so sorry for that decision, i want to leave the alliance but i have just realized that the alliance is for ever, and i think "Why it has to be for ever? Can't we choose who joins and who leaves? And what if the guys that we think that is good is a shit in everytingh? we can't get him away" and that is frustating, a lot of frustating, i wan't to leave my alliance, because i don't want to be there, so "Can you put some "Leave the alliance button"? and for leaving one have to pays fuel, of course, nothing is free. so, that, i hope you read this, bye.

Potatoe Man.

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If you go to the 'Members' section of the Alliance you can kick members or leave the Alliance by clicking the little gear beside the name. You'll need to have permissions to kick people (only high ranking people in the alliance can kick others).

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