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*survivor Customization And Other Ideas*

survivor PvE weapons custom infected clothing

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I know some other people have been thrown out of the window before for less than i'm going to post, i know almost everything won't be implemented in the near future or never be implemented at all, and yet, i want to post them, comment what would you like the most to be implemented that could be actually done by the developers if there wasn't more important stuff to develop... thank you. 



#1 survivor customization: this idea have been posted a few times by now, but this is my version of it, since i believe i can be done without affecting the game.


Similar to what we have in TLS : UC my idea is to release new outfits for our classes, and more than that, lootable clothings other than masks and helmets, t-shirts, shirts, skirts, jackets, hoodies, camo pants, police shirts, sneakers, etc etc.
These clothings wouldn't affect your inventory space they would go directly to the pool of choices you have when you click ''edit survivor'' and would be similar to what we can do when we create our accounts, choose what kind of pants, torso, head, etc etc we want. 




The other idea is not to release them via scavenging but add different class-specific outfits to the pool, different versions of the scav outfit, the fighter outfit, etc etc... they would be set, but we could be able to choose a combination of them, example: if we have 5 different set outfits for the scavenger then we can choose which one from those 5 we want for the torso, which one for the legs, what kind of backpack we want for it, etc etc.

This is the idea for the survivor customization, i know the only people that will complain about this are the raiders, cos apparently everything in this game gravitates around them and their wills...

To solve this you can just make it so the clothings don't show up when your survivors are defending your compound... 

Special outfits: Since we have a good variety of  infected my idea is to give us a chance of getting those costumes for our survivors, a chance of getting the scientist infected helmet, or torso, or the whole suit, the riot helmet, the HERC suit, military, etc etc, how? by killing them, everytime you kill one of them we could have like 1% chance of randomly get a part of the suit or outfit, and it would go directly to your customization pool of options. 


#2Weapon customization: nothing to do with the stats or anything like that, it is more about the way they look, yep, weapon skins, the only way to differentiate a unique gun or a premium is with the orange background or the golden background, and also, in the case of unique weapons, the insane stats some of them can reach, but my idea is to make skins a thing, not lootable, not purchasable, and only for uniques and premiums, achievable by killing characters (infected and other survivors), with that type of gun.

My idea is to establish a certain amount of kills, let's say, 1 million kills with a unique long rifle to achieve the golden skin for that gun, imagine a golden unique m107 3/3 stats max range lv 50... even when i'm not a raider i think i would like to get that skin, you can also get a few other skins when you kill like 250000 characters with a unique LR, or shotgun, or a premium gun, purple skins, blue ones, camo, warning skin, flame skin, even MURICA skin, a few others when you kill half a million, a few other when you kill 750k etc etc.

They are not gun specific, but type of gun specific, so you can change your golden skin for your m107 and put it on your PSG-1 unique. 




For the melee weapons, i was thinking in a different kind of skin, you get the kills, you get to change your melee and make it badass looking, example, 1 million kills with blunt weapons, you get the option to change the head of your warhammer for a actual human skull, your blade weapon get some blood on it, etc etc. 

#3 survivor ranks and badges:

Simple idea, your survivor get ranks according to the amount of characters he have killed, the survivor increases his/her rank by going on raids or missions, and gets a new hmm thing that shows up the rank on the outfit, when the survivor reaches the max rank, gets a unique skill increase, example, +1 or +2 carry limit for the fighter or no weapon-less weight penalties, or move speed increase, etc etc.

Also you can get an specific badge for your survivor if you make him kill a certain type of character, with a certain type of gun, a blade badge for killing with blade weapons, the bullseye badge for killing characters with long rifles, the human hunter for killing other survivors, demolisher badge for those who like to tear down barricades, etc etc. 



If you got to this point, i want to thank you for reading my whole thing, comment what would you like to be implemented in the game, a cool feature, a new thing, or if you like or dislike my ideas.  


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