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Crafting Stats And Upgrading....


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M F Ravenhawk

M F Ravenhawk
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Just curious if anyone can help me here....


When choosing between similar items to craft and upgrade, is there any way to determine which might be the best option?


Case in point for my question are the four superior (blue) medical bags that you can craft.

Option 1: Level 16 Maintained Complete Medical Bag, Heal speed +22.84%

Option 2: Level 17 Complete Military Medical Bag, Heal speed +26.69%

Option 3: Level 18 Maintained Military Medical Bag, Heal speed +27.04%

Option 4: Level 20 Maintained EMT Medical Bag, Heal speed +27.78%


Now, I am well aware that some of these might have better base stats than others, unfortunately I dont know which is the best choice.

I am also aware that crafting bonuses might improve a lower base item well over another.


But for the sake of this question, let us presume that any of these crafted only gets a +1% bonus.

So, with that in mind, once the item is crafted, which has the best heal speed once fully upgraded to its maximum of Level 21 based on whatever formula there is to determine the rate of improvement when upgraded?



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The proviso you have put in "But for the sake of this question, let us presume that any of these crafted only gets a +1% bonus." makes the entire question irrelevant.


Any of those has the potential to get up to 25% crafting bonus. The crafting bonus you get is created by the games Random Number Generator (RNG)


You could craft 10 of each and get vastly different results.


Crafting is a numbers game, the more you "play" the more likely you are to get the result you want.


The fan made Wiki may help you with upgrade costs http://tlaststand.wi...m/wiki/Crafting

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A 5% crafting bonus is common enough that your pretty much guaranteed at least 27% bonus crafting any of those.


The level 20 bag (27.78% base) would provide the max possible boost, but to get that you'll likely have to do a lot of crafts.   This isn't an item that (personally) I would ever consider crafting large quantities of -- as you can find (scavenge) better equipment at slightly higher levels (22-24 or so for medical vests).  


The most expensive one to craft costs 25 fuel, while the the cheapest costs 20.  So you can craft 5 of the cheapest for the cost of 4 of the most expensive.  However unlike blue/purple swords, where there is a sharp difference in cost, you really don't see that here, so cost is not something I'd worry about.


So assuming I had the gear/survivor requirements I'd just do one with the highest possible base boost and be done, and not care about the craft boost.

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