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Chat System Update - June 15, 2015

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As part of today's update we have made some back end changes to the Chat System that will effect those of you that receive bans.


Offline Bans


Bans now wait for you to log in before they take effect.  This means that if you do something that warrants a ban, and you are offline when you get it, that ban won't start until the next time you sign into the chat system.  This applies to all kicks, silences, trade bans and strikes.


It should be noted that this applies to all alt accounts that get banned as well.  If you get banned on one account, you will have to sign into all of your alt accounts to get the timer started.



Strikes now last 6 months


One strike will automatically be removed from your account every 6 months, provided that you do not receive another strike.  If you do receive another strike, the 6 month period resets.


Reaching Strike 3 will still see you removed from the game, and the strikes will not be removed.


Those of you that already have strikes, your 6 month period starts from today.

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