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Reporting System For Chat

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This is pretty pathetic. Hate to say it guys but what horrible direction this game is going. First you keep making changes upon changes over the last couple of months that are killing pvp. Many have shown you videos or explained how to go about multiple exploits and you have done nothing to fix or counter those, in fact you have only done stuff that helps enable some of them. There are countless and I mean a big number of bugs in both PvE and even worse PvP that players have been talking about and posting pics of vids of for months, some maybe a year or more(?) and many of those haven't been dealt with. Instead, what happens? We input a new chat reporting system that these idiots are going to report for stupid crap. Does it violate the TOS? Sure, 90% of conversations in the chats violate it. Several of the regulars in the Yahoo chat have already been slapped with chat bans, including myself. Apparently I said something on the alt last night, not 100% sure what it was but I'm sure I probably did though it would be nice to see what you said that got your ban in your bright red letters that let you know how long you have left. 


Yahoo will be dead in no time at all, at least the wars will be. People are already dropping like flags because of the constant use of the melee exploit that you refuse to correct and even more now with the new exploit allowing multiple people to attack the same person at the same time. Players have recently admitted to using this exploit for months. The war there is already good as dead with only 3 alliances ever competing and only 5 scoring anything over 500 or so. I know Kong is in just as bad of shape and has been for over a year. AG war still thrives only because the player base is 1k times greater than kong and yahoo combined but let's see how long that lasts when the regulars and hardcore players start getting slapped with bans. 

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I am sorry to say this. But I have been on the yahoo server for this game since 3 weeks after it started there.

I have to strongly agree with Justin.

This new exploit where multiple persons can attack at the same time. Was posted last saturday by a player and he stated he had been using it for months. But under the new chat terms. We are NOT allowed to even discuss it anymore. I am the leader of a mid level alliance and I know for a fact that because of this exploit. It has cost my alliance fuel.

Please take 3/4 of the  people that where working on the chat funtion. Have them work on the exploits. The last 1/4 have them read over your own chat terms. With the idea of we are (at least most) adults. This idea no non-game related items in chat. Hate to tell you this but 80% of chat is non-game related.

Please take care of the exploits, the exploiters and the trolls. Quit hurting the people that love the game!

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We're looking at the exploits. Sev built this system on his own, Steve our other programmer has been working on fixes. Please keep this on topic.


We lose a lot of development time to moderation, which is why this system was developed. The amount of petty nonsense and drama we get from the chat takes time away from us making the game. This reporting system helps us filter that noise and deal with it in a much more efficient manner.