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Raid On Union Island

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This is a small thing and I am not completely sure this hasnt been mentioned before. But I feel like Herc mines should damage the zombies too on the island. If it is too much of a hassle to add this feature, I have no complaints.

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Sure, given the right set of missions.  The three you got were not too much of a problem; I can do that with my inferior weapons.  But I'm also stuck with crafted purple 70/32 armor, not 70/70 like you had.  I've got to heal after walking over a mine and taking 70% damage.  And on a HERC second wave mission, my 3 guys with RPK's are putting out so little damage (total 1500 dps), they get torn up, disengage, heal, re-engage, disengage, heal, etc, which leads me into running out of time and dying.


I've got a 26% completion rate on the HERC 2nd wave Monument (none at 100 pts) and a 65% completion rate on the HERC 2nd wave Compound (none at 100 pts).  Even if you discount my earlier attempts as training and count just my last 5 attempts, I'm 40% for the H2 Monument and 80% for the H2 Compound, best score 50 pts, which I only got once on the H2 Monument and once on the H2 Compound.  I have no time to take out the secondary objectives.


here u go

no uni armors this time, and a harder set of maps than last time.

Gonna do it again a few more times, try to get those "hard" second wave maps.

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