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Body Clothing - Class-based Alternatives

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When creating your Leader for the very first time, you'll notice that there are several unique clothing options. The shape an style of the clothing is identical to the body clothing of the five classes, but the Leaders have colour variants. What I propose is that all survivors can be further edited to have different-coloured body clothing, from a handful of class-based variants. Specialised survivors are restricted to the style of their class, but Leaders can make full use of all options, as seen at the beginning of the game. For example, a Scavenger with the jacket-and-bandana look can only use the re-coloured versions of that outfit and could not suddenly use the makeshift armour style unique to fighters. However, a Leader could choose from either style.


This would be great for immersion and customisation, and is such a small and easy-to-implement feature that would enhance the variation between survivors. To see what I mean by different variants, refer to the image below.




One Leader has a unique outfit only available to leaders. The below Leader has a variant of the Scavenger style; a red and brown version of the lighter, purple Scavenger outfit. The last one has a burgundy and black version of the beige and blue style of the Engineer. 


Make sure to +1 if you would like such a small change and thanks for reading, not to mention your support!



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Gets a +1 from me. Any expansion with clothing is long overdue! 

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Scrub McLordington LXIX

Scrub McLordington LXIX
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Colouring is nice, but i'd also like to see "Themed outfits" that stick to a theme but still make different classes standout from each other


Battlefield is mainly military themed but their classes still manage to differ while sticking to a similar theme among all of them.



The same goes for Resident Evil Operation Raccoon city.



I think the main problem was to differentiate the leader from the other survivors in the compound, theming outfits like this but giving the leader a seperate style would work great IMO.

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Edgar V

Edgar V
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This is something that i would reallly like to see to happen. I've been waiting a while for the devs to implement something like this, so i hope they even consider it because it would be amazing! :)

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The fact that the leader has a different color even if in the same style of other survivors has been important to recognize him during raids and bounties, so I wouldn't like much just an unlock of the leader's colors to the other characters. What I'd like is an additional button on "edit survivor" with the possibility to change at least the recolor of the survivor outfits from the ones they could randomly have (i.e. having the recons with pink and red hood is not that good in recognizing them as having one red and one blue). Then if Con decides to add new outfits and styles (not too different from the current ones to keep the DZ appearances uniform) that will be very welcomed.

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