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Specific Resources, Pets And Flamethrower (deadzone)

wood cloth steel

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1) resources in the deadzone are so hard to find especially the wood, it would be nice if there are specific raids for collecting wood, cloth or steel. 


Sawmill, for wood
Textile factory, tailoring for cloth

Junkyard, blacksmith house for steel


2) everybody needs a pet, what if we can raid zoo or pet shop and own some pets(specifically dogs).

-Dog would bark and increase the percentage of horde. 

-Pet can only take down a single zombie kill it for an given amount of time example is ten seconds and pets are vulnerable in that time while they attack a zombie.


3) flamethrower and Molotov should also be available. it will damage per second and can block zombies path for a small radius

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Scrub McLordington LXIX

Scrub McLordington LXIX
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Someone's been looking around in the "Old Ideas" box...

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1) Metal and cloth are just easy from recycling components. Wood is looted from warehouses, hardware stores and construction sites; these last ones were added to fill the wood request, so I believe we are going on fine.


2) The dog may be nice, but also useless: you can use books to get more horde attacks. If you want him to be a "limited survivor" like something that digs items out of the ground or attack only with a base attack... that will just make him nothing more than what the other survivors can already do and get. I liked the idea of the dog in past, but in time I don't see the necessity of having one.


3) Fire effects requires harder scripting than normal ones to be cool, so they will never come as doing an hard work just for 2 weapons people will rarely use isn't smart. I see in molotovs (and in flaming zombies) a way to kill your own survivors more than zombies.

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