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Knee Deep In Scrap And Gasoline

inventory recycling resources item construction crafting

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Firstly, I have to admit, I don't like the gold-for-special-features politics in games. Usually it gives me big unhappiness. But, actually DZ is doing quite fine with that as there is a very satisfying balance between buying it and finding it. I very appreciate that.


Second is, I just noticed, that my inventory contains a lot of stuff. If I recycle all my heavy fabric I'd have 80k cloth.. and my metal parts are going around 600k. Still this is nothing compared with my 1000 bicycle wheels and 2k glass frames. These should be enough to start a bike store and a career as optometrist.

Sadly, I know that my life as a cleptomanic zombeyslayer won't pay off at all, as there is no use for all these parts because all buildings are constructed, and except for the gasolinum machinum there is no need for resources at all. This makes me a very unhappy collecting-boy.


Third, as a result of of two: is there any plan to make use of the recycled items that pile up into the sky at this little island earth.. eh.. the survivor's compound? And if not, could there be such a plan in a far far future?

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Lee R C

Lee R C
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i like to recycle new stuff as i return from missions so i can see which stuff is new. it makes it easier for me.

i like to keep every item at 1000 so i know if any item goes over i can recycle it till i get to 1000 again. if any item is under 1000 i dont bother recycling it. then its just maintaining it every time after a mission or missions.

i dont dare click on inventory or recycler without wanting to recycle all the items otherwise when i close i cant see any items i missed. i hope some other plan for this will be introduced in the near future.


by now i know what items i have to manually dispose when i click inventory. the items that give you more items when you recycle them. it helps me give myself more slots to recycle. then its just a matter of then going to the recycler and recycling items till they all reach 1000 for me.

i wish i could store new items in a vault or something to recycle till i do another mission 


they have just fairly recently introduced the incinerator and a few more recycler upgrades for now, which is alright.


anyways i think all these items make the game realistic in what junk, gear, and weapons is out there. but i think maybe we should be able to choose what type of items to bring back. maybe we cant because the game knows better then us and we might actually need some of that junk to build or upgrade with. either way there needs to be a limit on how many items of each we can hold. more then 10,000 i think is too much. how would we store all that realistically?


500 slots in our inventory is ok to manage. we can also upgrade that to 1000 or more if we want. that puts stress on the servers though, so i understand why we have to pay for it now. not just with fuel like before.

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