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Trade Prices

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Is there anything available anywhere with the average trade values of commonly traded items (i.e. books?) and general guidelines on the determination for pricing of rares and uniques? 

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There is no definitive pricing as it is a barter system.


Player A trades a 15% looter book for a level 15 unique

Player B trades a 15% looter book for a level 35 unique

Player C trades a 15% looter book for a number of premium key cards

Player D gives a 15% looter book for free


Trying to assign a value on anything in a barter system will always be flawed I'm afraid. The nearest thing I have seen is this post by Frostedd http://forum.conarti...377-trade-faqs/ which is more of a general guide and includes this;


Final Notes

This game has no value system. If you are happy with the trade, and the other person is happy as well, then it is a good trade. Just make sure that you know what your item is worth before you go over or under paying. Make sure that you are going to be happy and not regret your trade. 

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