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Invalid Building Placement

PvP placement invalid building

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I play Dead Zone on kongregate and i met this problem today. When i log in it says


''You currently have buildings within your compund that are in invalid positions. These have been highlighted for you. Please move them into valid positions.''

''Warning: Your buildings placed in invalid positions will be removed during PvP, leaving your compund vulnerable! Your interface will also be LOCKED until all buildings are in valid positions.''


All of my buildings are higlighted and when i move them they are still highlighted. I also can't construct anything new, change the gear of my survivors or go on missions. Please helpl me!

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Lee R C

Lee R C
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try to move every building so they are not touching each other. maybe move them out more. it takes abit of getting use to to be able to put walls, buildings next to each other

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Only the buildings highlighted in RED need to be moved.


If it's not immediately obvious it's probably something small like a flood light or a rally flag that's causing the issue.


Examine your compound carefully and be sure to rotate it.


If you still can't see it, are you colorblind?  If you're colorblind then you might have no other option then to separate all your buildings and start from scratch.

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this is the kind of stuff that point out a reasonably needed buff to the construction yard's usefulness.

IDEA: @Con, Sev or Tom, next update you make, mind considering a new function to the construction yard? perhaps one that allows ppl to design their bases on a "bird's eye view" 2D-graphic so that they do not put traps, rally flags nor any building on the wrong place (and also we get to see no "invalid building placement" topics like this one, guess it's the 4th I've seen so far!)
just call it "Base Layout Designer" or something like that ...

who knows, maybe you get to knock 2 birds with one stone for a change (otherwise, aside from "building" other buildings, what would be the point of construction yards?)

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