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I am new how, other than money, real , do we get fuel. I have gather all fuel outside compound. I am on level four . I am now on the longer removal of stuff so I just do not know how I can do things without it 

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This game is very generous with it's Premium Resource, Fuel.


At Level 10 you can build a Fuel Generator which you can use to make your own, after filling it with Wood, Metal and Cloth.


You can scavenge Fuel in the Zone.


Raid other players Compounds and take their Fuel.


Claim Bounties on players who have them placed on them, by Raiding their Compound and downing the Leader.


Survivor Requests will become available which will task you with completing certain objectives, such as scavenging a Resource, or killing a certain number of Infected, rewarding you with an amount of Fuel which increases as you level up.


And finally, you could become a top-tier Raider, join a winning Alliance during a War Round, Raid other Players for points until you're in the Top 10 of one of the Top 3 Alliances, and earn Fuel as the prize.

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Many people also say that war boxes give lots of fuel but I don't know since I've never gotten one.

But ya, survivor requests and fuel gens give alot and people say convience stores give the most fuel in the green box.

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