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boxes order

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I had to scroll through almost 100 boxes today to find the single new one i wanted to open and im sure im not the only one having this issue. (and please dont tell me now to delete boxes...)


And it seems so easy to fix. Just order the boxes by their release date. 


Herc boxes even got series...so series x-23 would come before x-22 etc. and inside the same box series 8 would come before 7 and so on.


For premium boxes you would have to give those some invisble tag i imagine,  but it doesnt sound that complicated to implement and would make the gameplay much more comfortable.




Please upvote if u like this idea ;)

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Definite +1 to this.

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Just put the issue number (5-07 would be 07) so we can know which issue it came from, we can tell their level due to the background.


Maybe in a fashion similar to HERC weaponry (Issue # in the corner of the inventory icon).


EDIT: Con, we don't have tags on HERC boxes, yet the issue is explicitly stated, the prem boxes have just HORRID labeling, we should start labeling those with issue #s and tags just like HERC boxes.

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Long overdue

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