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Scavenged Loot Not Appearing In Inventory

unique weapon loot disappear

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I just completed a scavenge mission on the Large Park L23 in Brookvale North.


At the conclusion of the mission the Loot window showed me many items, I only specifically remember one, as it was a unique M16A1. There's no room for doubt, I clearly remember being glad as it was the same level as I'm at (21).


Immediately after I couldn't find the weapon in my inventory. It's possible either none or all of the other items I found transferred over, I only bothered to look at the unique in the "after mission report'.


The map shows the level hashed out, and says I have to wait 20 something hours, my survivors are still travelling back from the mission, everything appears normal.


Is there any way I can view a log/history of the after mission report?




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M16A2's max lvl is 21, iirc, nothing ever drops maxed. were you sure it was lvl 21?

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Or you have a full inventory? I lost a mask that way recently.

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