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New Loot/infecteds

Loot riot shield Bulldozer armor riot shield infected

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Hi all,


So today I saw FTWD (Fear The Walking Dead) and Like most of the Zombie "movies" or "series" you know the first thing we do is send police and military. Now in the other "Last stand" Games there are riot shield infected but not in "The Dead Zone" and I think they should be added.


Riot shield: Slow movement, can only be killed by LR (in front), grenade (next to him or in his back) or just back him with one survivor. But he is well armored.


Second: Bulldozer armored (juggernaut) military: http://gon.cdn.on.ne...3/payday201.jpg I know it is from a game but it's only to show you what kind of armor i mean.


Almost no damage from explosives, weak vs LR, spawn only in Military base.


And now the Loot, obviously riot shields and Bulldozer armors. 


Unique riot shields and Bulldozer armors could have a random (paintjob, phrase,skin,...) what I mean with a phrase is like "Stay down" or something like that.


Drop chance of riot shield would be high on street, Police stations and Military bases. Drop chance of Bulldozer armor would be rare on Military bases and Medium on Union Island.


I hope everybody likes it, if you wanna suggest something go ahead and feel free.



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