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Can I Wear This Clothing?

clothing combining clothing items

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Update looks very nice, and we have plenty of new items to explore and see how they fare compared to the old.


But here is one thing that i think would help now and for the future updates and always incoming new items.


Combining of clothing is very important for us as you know, and we are always searching for best 2 clothing items to combine for at least 3 different purposes. PvP, PvE ranged and PvE melee.


In the past we got several clothing items that cannot at all be combined with anything (like rasputin and heavy herc helmet) which btw never makes them the best choice for any of those purposes i mentioned. with rare exceptions (like rasputin used to work well in spawn trap attacking)


or we had items that can only combine with that event type items when they were released (like haloween 2014 items).


Now we have dozens of new clothing and looking at them we still dont know how we will be able to wear them. And without that info we really dont know what clothing to prioritize in our fuel/or $ spending. We depend on info from other players.


Could we get that important information in the item description?

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some more info would for sure be appreciated.


maybe make a froum thread dedicated to it so atleast the more involved players can inform themselves

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