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Hi Con,
Here are some of my actual feedbacks ans feelings. Globaly, I enjoy the game. But I think some minor improvements could be made.
General feedbacks :
- Bounty rewards : Too many crafting kits... Why not adding a possibility to win premium books ? Or to add again the possibility to win ammo caches, unique items, ... ? At least the rewards chances should be reviewed as most of time we win crafting kits. For now, I consider myself as lucky when I find 20 fuel in the bounty reward... This reminds me of the good old days when I won my first uniques in the bounty rewards...
Another thing, it would be interesting to adapt the bounty reward according to the bounty requirements. I mean if the bounty is composed with only low requirements, the player has a chance to complete the bounty with 2-3 missions per area. With high requirements, this would take 3 or 4 times more missions. Rewards should reflect the effort spent in doing the bounty... It's already the case for the Union Island reward. Why not applying the same logic to IB rewards ?
- Books with short time of use : Using such books (when usable less than 30 minutes), would it be possible to start the time counter at first survival shot, move or action ? For my part, sometimes my internet connection get lazy and it takes about 5 minutes to load the mission (when I don't have to refresh the page to launch again the mission) and 5 another minutes at the end of the mission... So, sometimes, I use a book for only one mission when I could make about 3.
- Premium books : Would it be possible to add some new premium books such as high percentage of noise reduction without utilization time ? Some books could be usefull as premium and could allow players to decrease their number of books in the inventory.
Also, there are books to increase damages on infected, vision range, ... Why not adding books to increase specific resistances ?
- Survivor statistics : Would it be possible to add in the survivor statistics the calculated resistances, injury chance, etc... based on equiped gears/weapons ? It's already done for the movement speed for instance... It would be interesting to have this kind of informations and this will allow to manage by an easier way the gears to balance the resistances for a specific squad...
- Equiping survivors : That sounds weird from my point of view to not be able to set defensive gears and weapons on my survivors when they are away... I mean, the defensive loadout should be configurable at any time except during compound attacks. As a manager, I would like to decide what to use for the next defense, even if my survivors are away.
For the offensive loadout, that makes sense to not be able to change it while survivors are away...
Question :
Except the Union Island, level 50+ players don't have a chance (or have a poor chance) to find good items for their survivors. So, do you plan to add new map areas with new building maps for level 50+ players ? With off course the relevant bounty and some new objectives ?
Some bugs (probably due to my computer) :
I'm using 2 laptops with comodo dragon browser (chrome-like browser) and I'm experiencing some minor issues :
- On both laptops the wheel mouse doesn't work. I can't zoom in or out with the wheel. I need to click on the zoom buttons... Not a big deal but sometimes annoying when I want to zoom quickly. Note that the wheel is working fine to zoom in and zoom out on other games.
- On the most powerfull laptop (one year old), but not on the other one (10 years old), when entering a mission, the game freezes when loading some specific graphics. For instance, when a dog appears, the game freezes until the graphics are loaded. The worst is for the scientists for which the freeze can take a couple of seconds... Once again, I can live with it. But sometimes it freezes the game during an infected rush, and when it goes on, I see hurt survivors or incapacited ones. It occured once during the monument mission on Union Island with infected. Trust me, that hurts ;) Since that time, I avoid to play Union Island on this computer...
Note that this is not related to the internet connection. I can use both laptops in the same time at the same location and this issue is occuring always on the same laptop. Any idea how to fix it ?
- It occurred several times to lose during a mission the ability to move the map with the mouse. Obliged in this case to use the arrow keys.
I'm using on both computers Windows seven, facebook on Comodo Dragon (latest version of comodo and flash player).
Anyway, those are just some suggestions and minor issues. I'm waiting without any patience the "research" upgrade :) and with some patience that you make the bounty a little bit more attractive for high level players :p
Thanks for this game and keep the good work, Con.

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