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Idea: Modding Bench

building crafting rare unique fuel time bored who reads this anyway

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Aubrey Dickson Retired

Aubrey Dickson Retired
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Lliquid I see no responses to the thread about the idea except for one hate comment. Nothing of value is seen.


As for my facination with launchers(hate the people lump grenade launchrs with rocket launchers to completely different things) that is cause mechanicly speaking a specific shotgun with a specific ammo mod is mechanically the same as a grenade launcher. (there is also the fact I am an indie game dev and actually know what I am talking about with my ideas for that one)


Then you should understand why con will not put a Grenade Launcher in the game ever

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Actually I do not under stand why con hasn't put a grenade launcher in. Keep in mind not a single damn one of my grenade launcher ideas has been negatively resived out side of 4 or 5 members who are to loud for their own good.



Also love how topic I make that are bad ideas or controvercial ideas stay at the top while the good ideas fall. (hell I just put a bad and good idea topic to see what would happen, proves you guys would rather be negative then positive invalidating most of the damn critism given, cause if you don't show any positvie points ever you basicly say I am only here to troll)

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