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More Schematics!

Crafting Schematics

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I just want more schematics, list and reasons coming below:


- Usable, competitive LRs across all levels.

This would allow startup raiders to be competitive in the raiding scene, seeing as raiders make significant amounts of fuel, and how unique and rare LRs are very rare and expensive.


- A good melee combat vest with good resist, combat, and a not so punishing initial move speed penalty.

Just another thing to craft and use our kits on, play around.


Those are all I have right now, comment on more ideas for schems and I'll edit the OP to include them (make sure to include reasons why this schem would be a good one to include).

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I definitely support this idea. With the introduction of crafting kits to help individualize crafts, more schematics -particularly various vests - create a lot of opportunities to make interesting and useful gear.
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