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Compound Traps (random Trap Ideas)

TrapsCompound Construction Raids

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My Trap Ideas:


Pit trap (With or without spikes)


-Only buildable outside.

-Upgradable to include spikes.

-About as large as the wire traps.

-Maximum of 2 able to build.

-Not able to disarm.

With raids: Hard to spot, once walked over downs the survivor that stepped on it.


With horde attacks: Same as with raids, zombies go around the trap once an infected has fallen inside. 




Bear Trap


-Buildable anywhere.

-Not upgradable


-Easy/Medium to disarm


With Raids: Normal spotting, Immobilizes survivors and slowly drains health until it is disarmed.


With Horde attacks: Traps an Infected indefinitely dealing damage.




Falling Cage


-Buildable indoors.

-Upgradable to make stronger.

-Medium to spot

-Hard to disarm


With Raids: Triggered when stepped underneath, trapping any survivors below. Deals no damage, just traps survivors. Only able to disarm from the outside.


With Horde attacks: Traps infected indefinitely. 




Rigged Alliance Flag


-attach one grenade to your alliance flag.

-when the flag is taken, grenade drops.

-3/5 seconds until explosion.





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the only one of these that seems good is the rigged flag.


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Not to sure about the pit trap because if a survivor goes into the trap because if it traps them you say they go down automatically so what would be the point in upgrading it? Also id think its a little op for a survivor to go down instantly maybe if they had to be commanded to climb out and the trap also made them more vulnerable to attacks it would be better.


Otherwise i like all the other trap ideas but my favorite is probably the falling cage. 

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passing player

passing player
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maybe make the pit trap where the survivor falls in, takes damage, and while climbing out be vulnerable to defender shooting.

but otherwise all good ideas.

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the only one of these that seems good is the rigged flag.

Because there's a grenade? -.-
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These sound like good, creative ideas. I'd never considered the flag trap, but an explosive trap attached to compound doors was an idea I've considered tossing out.
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Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but how about a kill counter for our WOM's and other related items.  That would be neat.  Hover mouse over the wom and see how many victims it's claimed, or wire traps.  :)

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