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Unique Face Masks

Unique mask suppression bonuses

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I just had a thought. Some of these unique face masks set of bonuses are extremely useful, say a hit chance, health, melee resistance, on top of a suppression resistance, but as we find them the allure of actually wearing some of the cool looking masks we've been collecting over the years since they were introduced diminishes as the obviously value of the stats outweighs any cool factor of the masks themselves, appearance wise. 


So how about unique masks having a chance of having the appearance of all the masks we might find in premium boxes, perhaps even the bounty boxes, and perhaps again seasonal events? How cool would that be! 


I love my collection of white hands, for example, it would rock trade (in a good way) if people seriously wanted their personal favourite masks with sets of bonuses other than 7% or 10% suppression. 


Or, perhaps a crafting option to 'fuse' a unique mask with an existing mask hence giving it the appearance you personally love (obviously not cumulative bonuses).


Perhaps this could even extend to Death's Heads as well... now that would rock out the game. Whilst stat wise Death's Heads are completely cool, the effort and artwork gone into a lot of the masks in boxes seems lost given they are rarely used anymore, and a Ballistic Mask - USA looks way cooler during gameplay, for example. 



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Well, perhaps that's food for thought. The older non-unique masks getting a buff, say for example ballistics going from 10% to 15%, or the 7%/7% going to 10/7 or something, nothing dramatic, to still keep them attractive in trade, above the unique cap.


But the more I think about it, the more I love my idea to somehow splash the unique masks and existing masks we might own together, perhaps both ideas, the options seem wonderfully open for gameplay.

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