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Infected Bounty On Union Island Maps

union island bounty

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I'm a level 55 player and still doing the infected bounty... Just for fun as basic missions do not give good items for my level and I don't speak about IB rewards (well, and doing bounty mission in West bricks doesn't make sense for my level - As I had to do today).

I think I'm not alone in that case. So I was wondering if it could be possible to have bounty missions on single Union Island maps (the ones against zombis) ?
Union Island raids would remain the same (1 raid per 24 hours with 3 missions).
And, only during bounty event, the Union island would be accessible for a unique "common" mission per raid (with a return time like in Uptown, but no automated mission allowed), that would take place on Union islands zombis maps (without secondary objectives)...
Doors and mines could also remain the same as during Union Island raids.
This would be more challenging for high level players and would allow us to find better gears/weapons.
Hoping this idea could please you,

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Great idea! It would be nice to have a chance at higher gear, and get to play different maps

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passing player

passing player
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I say this is a good idea.

for all the lvl55s who have to go to "low lvl" places to get their bounty but only chancing green kits, this is a great idea.

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