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Green Kits/ideas

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Not trying to sound rude or anything, and I know some other people have talked about this, but I figured I'd make a separate topic about it.


I don't see the point of getting 2-3 green kits from a bounty. And when all of your guys are injured and you are low on ammo, etc because of the bounty and you get 3 green kits and some smoke grenades, it really can anger you. Now, for DMU people, this doesn't apply because they can do bounties quite easily. 

My suggestion is that bounties could have a level system, like war boxes. At max level, green kits are completely removed from the box, same with blue kits as well (maybe at level 25 + or something i guess), anything below rares for weapons, and maybe grenades as well (although the new blue grenades could have a chance to be in the box I guess) are also removed. At this level (which I guess would be level 3) you would then be able to possibly get perm keys and weapons (although perm weapons should be at the player's level or around that level) and (maybe) unis.

At level 1 you could find green kits, and at level 2 you could find blue kits.

That way the people who go the extra mile can be rewarded for their efforts (like me just wasting 100 fuel and getting half of my guys injured only to get 2 green kits, a useless blue assault rifle and a sweet helmet which almost made up for that)


Either that or instead of a level system like war boxes just have it so if you do one of the three bounties, you get one item, if you do two you get two items, if you do all 3 you get the 4 plus a small chance to get better stuff. That way, if you've done two bounties, and run out of time due to irl stuff or really unlucky spawns (or an unlucky bounty with bruisers or police) you can still get a reward.



Yet another simple idea I had was a difficulty level for bounties, so when a bounty starts, you can pick Easy, Normal, and Hard. Each level would be a harder bounty but better rewards.



(also I'm not sure if this should go in the ideas section or not, sorry if it should)


Con please remove green kits from bounties or at least find a way to keep them in but not as they are right now

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Not sure why you got a downvote, but that's the link to the forum topic about the IB rewards.  They were great for a bit right after the changes, but right now 3 green kits and a blue level 45 weapon seems to be typical.  I haven't posted on that topic again in a bit cause I was afraid they'd be updated to contain 4 Plastic components.

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passing player

passing player
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repaired the down vote.

this idea made some sense; the one time I got a bounty 3 of 4 spaces are filled with green kits. the only reassuring thing is a herc3 in the last slot.

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