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Another Weapon Upgrade System To Get Weapons To Possible Lvl50 Cap

guns upgrades blueprints Crafting research

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well my idea is to make it so guns can be upgraded beyond it's normal requirement weapons you buy from the store or get box's of just slowly become useless do to rpg machanics also every year there's a new set of armor, weapons, and gear, and every year it becomes almost unattainable so maybe this system could fix that, plus this year the gear was quite low level for xmas. my idea is to simply add more blue prints that are in the area where item is found but yet is the players lvl each blueprint would have requirements and parts that the player would have to get or have, unique/infamous items would require infamous tokens, notes, premium items would require fuel plus the requirements and etc. some could even be adding just for weapon parts like sometimes you find guns with better sights and etc but instead of most of this stuff costing fuel it has a research requirement that must be met like firearm damage requirement lvl 5 plus this system would keep players playing longer also i believe that maybe everyone has ran into this problem i really like my herc-s3 and mr. barrage but as i progressed threw the game the guns same to become more and more useless yet i still didn't want to let them go plus i'm sure because of this issue most people would hesitate to buy the holiday packs, a lvl 15 ak47 camo'ed is not going to cut it for a lvl 50 who loves the game to pieces plus if this is for some of the newer players it can't cost 150 fuel to craft them after you already spent fuel crafting the metals only to see it was impossible to obtain anyway from normal means i hope you enjoy reading my idea

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