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Zombie Attacks On Compound Freezing

Compound Freeze Freezing Zombie Attack Infected Sighted

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Every time I log in to play now, I receive the Infected Sighted notification (as I have been unable to complete the event due to these issue).


Whether I choose to wait or play it immediately, the defense scenario loads and immediately lags very badly. I've seen maybe as many as three zombies make it onto the compound yard (slowly, often starting and stopping) before the game completely freezes and I cannot do anything. Sometimes after several minutes of occasional instances of the clock skipping down several seconds (without other activity) it reaches zero, but does not end, because the 1-3 zombies are alive (presumably) and the others have yet to be seen. My browser becomes very difficult to interact with, taking several minutes to close or otherwise alter.


The only major difference between these failed instances and previous working instances that I know of is I rearranged my defenses (from randomly scattered and useless to something like a triple layer defense on each door).


I'm currently Level 11 with 7 survivors all armed with guns and placed at Level 1 large barricades. Issue persists whether traps are armed or not. I've tried turning my storage from 1000 KB to unlimited and turning all available graphic options all the way down and/or off.




While typing this post, I decided to try removing some defenses and I pulled only a couple of barricades away from my middle door. The game did not freeze and the zombie swarmed into the compound. Because of my reduced defenses, they smashed the one barricade separating them from my three survivors defending this door. They did little to no damage beyond that, however. Again, I had traps off, all graphics options minimized, and the game (flash(?)) set to unlimited storage.


Was the game freezing my computer trying to create a route for the zombies?


Am I going to have to leave my compound minimally defended to continue playing? Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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