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so i created my account in 2012 and was not impressed, but started playing again recently. i really enjoy this game, actually aside from one other zombie game this is the only mmo i play. that being said i have a bunch of things id like to see as potential ways to improve gameplay.

1; multi level buildings, especially skyscrapers and other large buildings which would be in most major cities. maybe not anything above the 3rd floor, but it would be awesome to go to the higher floors of some buildings.

2; more constructions available, having a limited number of wall and barriers and towers and what not makes every compound follow 1 or maybe 3 or 4 general design types. i for one would love to build more walls than just 10 of each. or maybe have more types of construction to add on to the compound so that my resources at level 25-35 are actually useful for more than the occasional upgrade of existing construction.

3; more survivors/secondary compounds. i like the idea of having more than just 10 survivors and multiple compounds that can actively interact with each other. basically a main base and f.o.b.s (forward operating bases) rather than having to rely on creating alternate accounts tht have no real meaningful contact.

4; non player compounds/raiders bases/etc. id like to have maybe computer run and generated compounds or raiders bases. or perhaps, holdouts of military and police etc that you can do battle with. zombies are awesome and should be the most prevalent enemy, but it would be cool with having some other compounds to face without starting a pvp war.

5; another person once commented that maybe there should be children. this is not eh sims i agree but this game basically is a similar mold and communities do grow. and i feel the need to defend this and the other taboo topic though it is no longer a suggestion....in a world of zombies humans would try to procreate and grow numbers and would be a possiblity, especially if there is an ever growing number of zombies you need to replenish your numbers, and especially if the survivors have a natural immunity to the zombie bug then the next generation of humans would also be immune. thats how evolution works.  the same with the other taboo topic of dogs. not all dogs have to bite to be dangerous. many attack dogs are actually trained to trip not bite. and not only that whos to say that some animals havent developed immunities.

6; tie in to 5... id like to see livestock. cows chicken and the like to supplement my useless garden. useless as in  once ive got all 10 survivors i dont see the need to focus any research and supplies on food production as there seems to be no need to do anything with them anymore.

7; non city regions. id like to see some excursions to the surburbs and rural areas to loot. maybe some farms or small outlying towns. this would be the place where id expect more non player holdouts. i would love to raid glendale or the woods or any other place seen in last stand 2 and union city. especially if it involves traveling down the highways before you can reach them.

8; how about random events, rather than missions and bounties all the time we have random events like illnesses or injuries. bands of raiders attacking the compound rather than always zombie hordes.

9; vehicles. i love my car. dont care that i paid to reduce the time from all missions down to 5 minutes but it would be cool if you could find a way to find a car or other vehicle that gives you a one time free travel from site or maybe one day free travel.

10; temporary compounds/caches. similar to multiple compounds, being able to secure a cache of goods in the city or safe houses to go back to rather than the prime compound for short periods. would be helpful for those long haul missions. or bounties that involve lots of kills and long time away since many of us have very real and busy lives and dont necessarily ant to spend lots of real world money and time just to not be able to complete the bounties because we have a wife or kids or job who also want our time. and it could be fun that if another player comes upon your cache and youre not there, toughs your luck. or if theres only 3 guys there and someone finds it and your 3 guys are beat they ended up slinking back to the compound in tatters and the cache has been looted or taken by the other player.

11; find a way to make food an water more useful as the game progresses so i can feel like the resources i spend on food and water production and research arent just wasted.


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Search is your friend and you would have seen that all of these have been suggested before and (generally) shot down

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Every single one of these ideas have been suggested and shot down


Edit: Man LLiquid you are too fast

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Here ya go, a picture for you OP http://memegenerator...stance/36533028


In the future, please, one idea at a time. And use some Capital Letters, zeesh. Would make it easier for us to read what you have to say.


And like the two before me said, all those have been suggested and been shot down.

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I have the game for you: https://www.thesims.com/

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Andre F S R

Andre F S R
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1-  Would be fun, but no actually nessesary in the game.


2- Been requested a million times, if there´s an limit on them there´s a reason.


3- Also been requested, 1 compound and 10 survivors are enongh and mostly people create alt acc´s to have the Dead Zone expirience all over again, or too raid or loot for unis and rares to sell or give to fellow players that need.


4- Union Island has that, non-enemy zombies to kill, and this has also been requested 1 milion times as atacking CPU Bases for rewards.


5- This aint no sims men, WHY but WHY would u want a kid to live in a apocaliptic world ? 

They can´t sometimes even bake theyr one food, and you want kids to kill zombies and such...


6- Play FarmVille2


7- Already been requested, looting farms is the same as looting any kind of water and food thing since its what they basicly give,


8- There are already random events that guarentee u fuel once you complete them, Survivor Tasks, but Con could make monthly evens like Z-mas or Hallowen that can give us a box with 50 fuel and a level 3 key.


9- Deathmobile seems enuf, you can´t even drive them anyway, the car is automatic, Example: No one is home and u pay 15 fuel to speed up the return of your car (That is on your compound) and survivors magically apear because our car used his freeze time ability, drove all by it self to our survivors and came back.


10- Play War Comander, there you can secure other mines and stuff...


11- Food and Water ARE important, if you dont have any your survivors will shoot like drunk persons that just had 10 KG of weed. 

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