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Compound Attack Loading Bug Glitch Bug

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Load The Last Stand Dead Zone.

Check bounty/War Task Requirements.

Donate/Collect Drop-Offs.

Start new Research.


Overdue Compound Attack should have happened by now.


Send set of five (5) auto-missions.


Missions return/fill Recycler.


Still no Compound Attack.


Send first Manual Mission.




Over 10 minutes now.

This is rather tiresome. Perhaps some word from a Dev about this matter that has plagued many players for quite some time now.

The Problems surrounding Compound Attacks need to be addressed.

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general purpose

general purpose
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Same problem here.

And waiting for the attack does not help either.


I know the delay is meant to create suspense and catch remaining survivors by surprise, but all it does right now is it makes me having to kill the browser, clear cache and reload, then click through everything again.


If finding the bug proves too difficult / other things go first etc. I still see two possible solutions:


Make the attacks start on schedule until the problem is solved.




Simply add the return to compound button to this screen also. 

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passing player

passing player
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there was once I got stuck for 15 mins and got bored until MW3ProPiper told me to just exit out and hope the guys dont get locked.

this better get fixed. its annoying.

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Still happening. Especially painful since it's a DMU-less alt.


I think this is my third thread on the matter, and as yet no word from a Dev.


CAG has certainly put a great deal of work into DZ since I started playing. Tons of new, interesting additions keep the game feeling fresh and lively (no zombie pun intended). Yet some small functionality-related items have yet to be addressed - even so much as mentioned as far as I'm aware of. Additional loadouts being one, and the problems with Infected Attacks being another.


So since no answer on this matter is likely forthcoming, I suppose I'll sacrifice some Medical Supplies and just let the zeds wipe out the four people still at home (since the attack waited almost half an hour after I first logged in on this account before popping).



Edit: Just top put into perspective why such bitterness about this;


I loaded the game fully expecting a Compound Attack - which subsequently didn't pop. I donated to the Alliance Tasks, did some Recycling, logged into chat and checked out what was up for trade. Then ran a manual mission, repeated the previous actions - now approximately fifteen minutes have passed, over half of which were spent at my Compound. So I run a second manual mission, complete it - and immediately upon completion, before even seeing my Mission Report - Infected Sighted. I have four people home, it sure feels like the game maliciously waited for the most inopportune time to lambaste me with the attack, and it just gets tiring after months of complaining and bitching and whining - that takes a lot out of a person!


So hoping again that a Dev will see this and choose to say something on the matter. When we whined about not getting enough Uniques, you gave us thread on how Uniques are made. It didn't help us find more, but the attention certainly made us feel better, and some of the furor died down. So I guess I'm hoping for something similar here, maybe a page explaining how the Infected Attacks work, or how their timing is determined. Something.



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general purpose

general purpose
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Still happening. Especially painful since it's a DMU-less alt.


So since no answer on this matter is likely forthcoming, I suppose I'll sacrifice some Medical Supplies and just let the zeds wipe out the four people still at home. 


No DMU here either.

But i can easily stop Compound attacks (lvl 44 now) with 3 survivors and without any furniture being broken.


I guess your problem is your compound is set to defend against raiders?!


Still you could:

1. Use barriers to path the zed from the upper spawn zones towards your parking lot, thus protecting your explosive traps from being triggered. Might need some fine tuning, but is very useful - and Raiders can one-hit them barriers anyway.


2. Use wire traps and WOMs before the defended areas, go arm all traps. Three triggered WOM only cost you 45 ammo...


3. I use the same teams always, so i dont even have to adjust anything during a compound attack. Keep them close together ofc.


4. Maybe consider switching some of them LRs to LMGs, i dont know how often you are raided though ...




My problem is only the lag and finally the shutdown the pending infected attacks do cause. I think both of my suggestions above would be quick to implement.

In fact i like the attacks in general.


And no - new research to make the effects of a bug less painful is NOT the way to go, sry.

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And happening again.



edit: the problem isn't not being able to handle the attack with a less-than-ideal number of survivors.  The problem is when you don't log into an account for over 24hrs - the attack should be overdue by this point, and logically should go off the second your compound loads.


When it doesn't, and you waste ten to fifteen minutes waiting for it, and then finally run several missions - only to get hit with it when your choice is either A: allow the zeds to overwhelm your people quickly, killing them and costing you medical supplies, or B: use a variety of tactics ranging from your compound layout to wire traps/compound doors to slowly whittle the horde down - which can take two to three times as long as the actual attack itself.


In addition, the impending attack can cause the game to freeze, crash, or just hang on loading into a mission.


This is, at this point in time, approaching DZ's what - fourth B-Day? - ridiculous.

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This game has always had a bad habit of hanging on the 'Preparing to Enter Area' screen, for over 4 years now. Don't expect a fix. 

At least one out of ten missions I do hangs there. I'll now reload after 3-5 minutes, but it's taken 10 minutes or more on past occasions. I've even walked away for 30 minutes a couple times, only to come back to the same load screen. The net connection is fine, as I can chat with other players in the communications box, & surf with the browser open in another window. My mission load screen is hanging even as I type this now.

It's happened to me in Windows 7, 8, & 10, and in various cities on numerous computers. It's not an end user issue, that's for sure, as I get few if any hang-ups on other multiplayer Flash games I play.

At least it's not as bad as the spontaneous disconnects you'll sometimes get in the middle or end of a run. Don't expect a fix for that either.

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the attack should be overdue by this point, and logically should go off the second your compound loads.

The compound may load, but your structures, items and other objects are still loading after that, compound attacks only appear when you hit the cooldown and everything is loaded. Wait for the blue squares to turn into buildings, and inventory items to load their pictures and lose their spinning loading circles for the compound attack to appear. Unless that's exactly what you meant.

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