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Survivor Trap Freeze Is Still Present

glitch freeze raid trap not fixed

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i know that this has been posted before but i just raided some guy who when his traps went off froze my survivors 3/5 died. the reason i am reposting this thread is i was talking to Hayek, (lvl 50) and he says CON meant to have fixed this but i clearly hasn't, this is the only glitch i have come across which is good for a beta game im lvl 16 and its AWESOME but having 3/5 survivors di from a ding dong because they froze is a bit gamebreaking 


plz below don't go on about how this has been posted before because if it has supposedly been fixed then noone will take notice without a repost so con please take note and get this one glitch done, GG btw to a fellow aussie get it fixed mate :)


and you never believe what im lvl 16 and because of this glitch my guys downed so they get back and 2 of them need antiseptic FFS wtf do i do i tried searching a lvl 17 hospital, nothing so i now am supposed to pay real money for fuel to heal my guys because of this stupid glitch, yeah right 

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