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Sell Beacon Security Key (and My Story)


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I sell Beacon Security Keys of course (the kind 600 fuel/key or 1500 for 3 key). I have 4 :)


And my story

Monday 29 Feb, 2016 , I saw a guy was selling some nice unique long riffle: 1 m24 50% range 2/3 + supp, 1 FAL (dont remember the stat), and 1 svd lv 34 + 37.5% range 2/3 + supp. So I ask him for svd. He asked for Beacon Security Keys. I replied " rare , u need anything else ?"  "u want prem keys?". He said " No only just two keys of my box i need"  . . .


( I ask him there is package 3 key = 1500 in store, so do u want to sell another gun, he said yea, sure , 2 gun for it. So i got 3 key of that and 1 from another friend gave me when I try to find that key to trade )


Then I asked my friend  (had fuel) helped me buy that, i paid him prem keys. Then, when trade, that guys disconnected.
I keep waitting several hours later. . . and look for him several days.


Wednesday 02 March, 2016 (2 days after), I saw him online, I message him, he said all gun gone, i said anything left, and he show the svd I need, and now he said he want to keep for defense :). So all my key buy by fuel wasted ? I asked him what happen now. He said dont know, dont sell.....

Then , later I post the key on trade channel , they said useless without box, a guy message me sell box , 1 key each ^^


His name SONIAZZZzzz, some acc still name ZZZzzz at the end, and the acc ask me buy box different name. :)


This just warning other player

Hope Admin see this and have some solution.








Thanks for reading.

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