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Collecting From Production Buildings Bug

Collecting Cant click again Cant click Cant select

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When you collect from a production building, you can't select it again unless you select another building first.

How to recreate:
-Click on a production building (A window opens)
-Click collect (The window closes)
-Try to click the same building again. Nothing happens.
-Click another building and then click on the first one again (everything works fine again).

I checked and upgrading a building does not seem to have the same problem.

Edited by Predo, 07 March 2016 - 12:03 PM.

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This issue persits for more than a year now, maybe longer.


I have reported it in the past ... looks like nobody really cares.

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Maybe Con just hasn't seen the thread?

Anyway, I realize its just a minor bug, still its right Con knows about it, I think.

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