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Draft Recruiting System

Draft Recruiting

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I just want to play around with this idea and hear if anyone may have some ideas to add... Its all just theoretic discussion:



I always though the wars were more fun when the top allis were full or close to full and everyone is active (high participation and noone is MIA for days and/or weeks, and few members are resting under WF and stuff like that.)


But, its so hard to recruit up to a full 50 members, let alone fast enough to negate the attrition rate of members leaving. Not only that, but many raiders that are recruited just turn out to be unprepared and quit before the round is over.


Recruiting may have been easier in the past, back when allis had more reputation and top allis even had secondary allis for just the purpose of recruiting, but not now. The recruiting channel has helped, but its still a full time job and wears out recruiters.


I propose a system for drafting new raiders:


Here is a place where we can brainstorm some ideas and start a discussion. If this thread leads to something, We can consolidate and organize ideas as more are introduced...



1. There is a raiding alli, with no leader, that anybody can join (no invite required, just click and join.) They would only have to agree or accept that they will be drafted into another raiding alli if they get chosen.


2. Joining the alli would be free, but joining a raiding alliance would cost fuel... I propose 50 to join and zero to invite. This would lead to a steady flow of new players into the drafting alli and slow the recruiting for other allis... this even helps reduce the issue of people leaving and rejoining allis so easily during hard rounds. people will think twice about leaving and joining and leaving and joining so much if it costs 50 fuel.


3. The alli doesnt place in the war, but can attack anyone near the actual ranking of where the alli would place in the current war. This will help people get the full experience of a top raiding alli... as we all know is much different than a rank 15 raiding alli.

So in other words, if the alli had enough points to be in first place, they would get the same targets (and individual targets available) that the first place alli would get, but the draft alliance would not be placed on the scoreboard. Maybe this could max out at fourth place, so as not to frustrate new raiders too much.


4. Everyone would be able to see the scoreboard and stats of raiders in the draft alli... I dont like this idea since people may cherry pick or steal raiders early, but feel its just necessary. maybe this can be tweeked somehow... For example raiders could not leave the draft alli midround and could not join any other alli for 10 days if they leave between rounds.


5. At the end of a war round, the top 6 or 7 or 10? allies would get to draft raiders from the draft alli, started with the lowest getting the first pick, second lowest getting the second pick, and so on... turns may be skipped if desired or forgotten.


6. There would have to be a system to boot members automatically if they dont log in for a certain amount of time. There would also be no war tasks, no tokens, no boosts, no chat room (for equality and transparency) and no message board. Edit: And no individual war rewards.


This would add an additional prize to top raiding allis (besides top 3) and allis lower than 3rd would have some incentive as well as a boost by being able to choose first, increasing competition over the long run...

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Nah, I think the system is fine as it is.  It is up to the alliance leaders to recruit people and create a system of government.  Like have four people test and recruit people and ten to train new recruits.  A base isn't going to be built overnight...

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